Cross-country skiing in Faistenau

A paradise for cross-country skiers in the Salzburger Land

If the name of Faistenau is mentioned amongst experienced cross-country skiers, most will quietly smile. Ski touring and snow shoes have gained many new fans in the last few years, but Faistenau still excels as the village for cross-country skiing. On 5 trails with together 54 kilometres, Faistenau is a true Eldorado for this sport.

Not only are the trails in perfect condition in Faistenau but here the Faistenauer Sport Shops will check your equipment or advise you of new products. Along the round courses, there are inns and huts for a rest in-between.

Trails in Faistenau

From light to middle-difficult is the level of trails in Faistenau. There is certainly the ideal trail for either the classic skier or the skating enthusiast. Above all on the skating trail, well trained sportsmen can let loose, even of an evening, when 5 kilometres of the 10 km skating trail is floodlit until 9 p.m. Also for beginners the Bramsau trail is floodlit of a late afternoon.

Your cross-country ski hotel in Faistenau

Just 150 metres from Hotel Alte Post is the access point to the trails in Faistenau. Over-night, or when you take one day off, your equipment is safely locked away in the ski cellar of the hotel.

At the moment no packages are available.

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Cross-country village Faistenau

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