Sight-seeing in the Salzburger Land

... and sightseeing in the Salzkammergut

A holiday is then perfect when one has seen a little of the holiday region in which one is staying. Faistenau and the areas around Lake Fuschl are rich in historical resorts, natural wonders and excursions for all ages which are just waiting to be explored and discovered. The vast number of sights in the Salzburger Land and in the Salzkammergut are almost too numerous to list and are ideal for a two or three day stay. In order that you do not miss the best highlights in and around Salzburg during your first visit to the Hotel Alte Post, we would like to present here a few of the best sights.

Mozart City of Salzburg

The City of Salzburg lies just 20 kilometres from Faistenau and is a real jewel for culture and art lovers. Go shopping and window-shopping through the famous Getreidegasse or visit the shopping centre Europark which is easily accessible. When sightseeing in Salzburg, follow the footsteps of “Wolferl” Mozart, enjoy old and new art in the many museums and galleries and find charming photo motives of churches, fountains, squares or the gardens of Schloss Mirabell. And not only during the Salzburg Festival but otherwise there are concerts and theatre productions to enjoy. For all these sights in Salzburg, one day is not enough – but alone for a breakfast in Café Tomaselli and the Mozart confectionary from the pastry shop Fürst, a second visit is a must.

Schloss Hellbrunn & Zoo

Visit Hellbrunn and experience a number of different facets of Salzburg. Direct at the gateway to Salzburg lies the Schloss Hellbrunn. This Lust Castle of the Archbishop Markus Sittikus from the 17th century shows not only baroque architecture, but is one of the landmarks of the city and a must on a sightseeing tour of Salzburg. On sunny days inhabitants and guests are drawn to the park gardens in which planned garden architecture and natural tree growth complement each other for a beautiful landscape. Take a picnic and visit the famous water gardens. On the outskirts of the castle park is the Salzburger Zoo where there are 140 different animals from the whole world, among others a few exotic species which are only to be found here.

Gut Aiderbichl

Michael Aufhauser, a good friend and regular guest in the Alte Post, has created in Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf a sanctuary for rescued animals which meanwhile is one of the best excursion destinations in the area. Not only will children´s eyes light up when they see so many happy animals which they can touch and stroke. Seasonal events such as Easter and Advent markets and guided tours through the sanctuary make a visit something special. Gut Aiderbichl is just 20 kilometres from Faistenau and easily reached by car.

The Fortress of Hohenwerfen

The Fortress of Hohenwerfen must have a fixed date on the list of sights to see in the Salzburger Land. Standing high above the Salzach valley the 900 year old fortress majestically dominates the landscape. Let your-self be transposed to the times of knights, damsels and minstrel singers and learn during a tour all about life on the fortress in the middle ages. Hohenwerfen is also the centre of falconry. There is a museum of birds of prey and daily a falconry show to demonstrate this age-old hunting form. Events such as a festival on the fortress and advent bazaars are well visited and enhance the calendar of events on the fortress.

Lake Wolfgang

Lake Wolfgang is not only widely renowned as a summer bathing paradise, but it is also a popular family excursion destination in the Salzkammergut. Whether by beautiful summer sun or during a romantic advent in the Salzkammergut, Lake Wolfgang is worth a visit. A cruise on the lake will give you unique views of St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang and the imposing backdrop of the mountains is mirrored in the deep blue waters of the lake – just amazing. In St. Wolfgang one can take a look into the famous “White Horse Inn” or wonder at the art and carvings on the late gothic winged altar of Michael Pacher in the pilgrimage church in St. Wolfgang.

Emperor´s town of Bad Ischl

When in Bad Ischl, the former summer residence of the K & K monarchs, one has the feeling that one could bump into Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz, for here in Bad Ischl their presence is still strongly felt in the Salzkammergut. Especially around the 18th August, the birthday of Emperor Franz Josef, is celebrated with a large festival and the famous Zaunerkipferl, from the court bakery of the same name, is delicious. A visit to this famous Café Zauner is a must. Apart from the nostalgic connections with the monarchy, Bad Ischl has a number of sights worth visiting. The resort in the Salzkammergut is the venue of the Photo Museum of the Province of Upper Austria, the villa of the operetta composer Franz Lehar and the Museum of Transport & Aviation.

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