Chi Energy

Healing hands welcome you in Hotel Alte Post

Through the gentle laying on of hands, Chi energy is transported into the body of the patient. This creative energy power which keeps us alive, flows spontaneously through the hands and the body from the person who understands the power to canalize this.

Monika Teufl, the Reiki master, says “It does not come from me but flows through me. The patient receives exactly what he needs NOW and what does him good.”

CHI craft appears at all levels. It promotes self-healing, rejuvenates body and soul and relieves blockages. It brings the body in harmony and gives us a feeling of well-being. This powerful energy brings us inner peace and health.

Do something good for your body´s energy and treat yourself to this reviving treatment for new vitality and zest for living.

Booking Service:

€ 60,00 Energy treatment
Duration: 55 min.

€ 60,00

Monika our expert for Chi Energy:

Chi-Energie Expertin Monika

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Wecken Sie in sich die Chi Energie im Hotel Alte Post in Faistenau