Indoor Pool & Sauna

Wellness in the Salzkammergut

Relax in revived water

The indoor pool at the Hotel Alte Post in Faistenau guarantees relaxation and refreshment: in the 14 x 6 m. pool, swim, paddle and laze in pleasant warm water – a luxurious feeling after a day of skiing in the mountains. The water in our pool is revived water from the Johann Grander principle. It is especially soft and skin friendly and rejuvenates the body.

The special showers in Hotel Alte Post also prove that water is not just water. A refreshing sensation of whole body massage, atomized showers, cold or tropical warm thunderstorm water and foot massage is awaiting you during a wellness holiday in the Salzkammergut.
Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Warm and relaxing in Hotel in Faistenau

A sauna session revives body and soul. This is well-known in Finnland and Russia where sauna visits are a part of the nation´s culture. After a hike or a day´s skiing in the Salzkammergut, the sauna and the ocean steam bath in Hotel Alte Post in Faistenau are the ideal resorts to relax. And later take a place on one of the lounge beds in the resting room.

From 80 – 100°C air temperature the body experiences an overwarming of the body, which has a positive effect. Muscles relax and the body is decontaminated. This is the optimal preparation before a massage or a cosmetic treatment. In addition a sauna visit strengthens the immune system and regenerates one´s respiration and circulation. The ocean steam bath is a gentle alternative to the sauna with high air humidity which is also beneficial for the body.
Opening times: 2 – 8 p.m.

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Eine Runde in unserem Pool lässt Sie alles vergessen